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By Devan Gagliardo Community Foundation of Grundy County

Sept. 8, 2014

As a child, I always felt like time stood still just to keep me from another birthday, another Christmas, or another summer vacation. My grandma would always say, “Wait until you get older, the days will fly by.”

As an adult I now understand the truth to that statement. I’d like to give a middle-of-the year update on the program side of the Community Foundation of Grundy County, but this year I’m a little late because I blinked and summer was over.

Our grants program has assisted several 501c3 organizations this year. Through our grant program, we give two ways:

1) To organizations that complete a grant application, which are reviewed monthly by our Grants and Programs Committee.

2) And through our Who Wants to be a Grant Maker program during monthly Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours events. These grants are given in $100 increments to a charity of the winning individual’s choice.

We have provided grants to the following organizations in 2014: Grundy County Health Department, Morris High School Drama Department, Grundy Three Rivers Habitat for Humanity, We Care of Grundy County, Angels of Hope, YARN Foundation, American Cancer Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Will-Grundy.

There are still funds available in the 2014 budget. If your organization is interested in applying for a grant, an application (available at cfgrundycounty.com) must be completed.

The Grundy Partnership for Children has spent 2014 bringing information about healthy child development to parents and child care providers. Early in the year, a workshop focusing on childhood trauma was held for local providers. In the spring, GPC members attended the Family Wellness Night at Coal City High School to provide parents with information. During the summer months, a website, www.grundypartnershipforchildren.org, was developed so information about healthy child development could be accessed by anyone at any time.

GPC members are working on putting together a one-day workshop for local professionals, so stay tuned.

The Business Education Council is a group comprised of educators and professionals whose purpose is to bridge the education world with the business world. Because of this collaboration, local schools have become aware of internships and other career exploration opportunities – which means students have received hands-on experience in careers they are interested in.

The Business Education Council is working to bring an eighth-grade Career Expo to Grundy County, which would allow students an opportunity to learn more about the careers available to them in and around Grundy County.

The Community Foundation of Grundy County is involved with several networks focusing on issues ranging from the young child to behavioral health. However, we realized there were no efforts we were aware of focusing on those age 65 and older.

So this summer, the foundation called together several local organizations that work with seniors to discuss what resources are available in Grundy and what gaps exist. The Senior Network is scheduled to meet again Sept. 18, and organization providing services to seniors are welcome to attend.

Along those lines, the foundation’s next Challenges of the Future event – Is Grundy County A Retirement-Friendly Community? – will discuss amenities and services Grundy needs for our senior citizens to lead full, productive lives. The event is scheduled for Oct. 1 at Living Water Church. For information on the Senior Network or the Challenges of the Future Event, call at 815-941-0852.

These are just a few of the things going on with the programs at the Community Foundation of Grundy County. Visit our website or like us on Facebook to stay up to date with events and programs.

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