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Julianne Buck

Do you know you can donate farmland to a donor-designed fund?

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Devan Gagliardo

New: Women’s Giving Circle May 8th!

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Devan Gagliardo

Kids these days aren’t like people say they are


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Julianne Buck

Scholarship tip:

It’s that time of year when high school seniors fill out scholarship applications and get asked all sorts of questions about their high school career.

TIP: Start a log freshman year and track awards, compliments from teachers, volunteer activities, leadership roles, extracurricular such as sports, band, and speech team, plus activities outside of school such as church and Scouts, and any jobs, whether they received a W-2, mowed lawns, or babysat. All of these activities bring experience beyond grades!

Devan Gagliardo

New – “online” and “paper fillable” grant applications!

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Julianne Buck

What’s a “Grudge Match”??

A “Grudge Match” brings charitable dollars into Grundy County.

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Devan Gagliardo

New grants to combat ACEs

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences and how can we fix them??

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Julianne Buck

Give local…but where to start?

Just because a national columnist gives you advice doesn’t mean it is right for you…or your community.

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Julianne Buck

“Bundling” charitable gifts

Afraid your nonprofit will miss out on donations due to the new tax law?

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