Ways to donate to good causes

What do a children’s author, K9 Unit, mammogram machine, cemetery, golfing, community music, and those affected by a tornado have in common?  They have all benefitted from a fund at the Community Foundation of Grundy County.

With the ability to work with donors to impact a wide range of organizations and activities for years to come, community foundations truly are an under-utilized hidden gem in communities.  Donors often find working with a community foundation streamlines their charitable gifts making giving easier to keep track of.  Funds created with a community foundation can leave a lifetime legacy in remembrance of a loved one or support your own passions long after you are gone.

The Community Foundation of Grundy County offers several options to meet your charitable needs:

Donor Advised Funds are the most flexible.  Donors contribute now and have the flexibility to grant now or later.  Children and grandchildren can be assigned as decision makers to donor advised funds after the donor’s lifetime.

Designated Funds are created by a donor for the sole benefit of a specific charity.  The charity will receive an annual distribution and the donor can specify how the charity is to use the annual distribution.

Field of Interest Funds are established by a group of donors to support a particular issue, such as education, fine arts, or mental health.  Anyone in the community can contribute to these funds.  The Foundation’s Grants and Programs Committee can use the fund to fulfill a non-profit grant request or in a strategic manner to address an urgent need.

Geographic Field of Interest Funds are set up by groups of citizens in villages to act as their own community foundation.   That group of citizens would establish a committee to raise and distribute funds for community projects and local non-profits.

Scholarship funds can support a particular school, field of study, or population.  Recipient decision are made by a committee.  Donor and donor family members cannot have the majority decision power on the recipient.

Agency Funds are established by non-profits who want to build a long-term endowment to forever provide an annual income stream.

For more information on our fund options, visit the Community Foundation of Grundy County’s website cfgrundycounty.com to learn more about our fund options and a list of frequently asked questions.  You can also feel free to call us at 815-941-0852 to talk through your ideas.