Take Charge 101 – Skills for Real Life

Are you one of those “older” adults who bemoans that young people don’t know how to do things…create a budget…change a tire…write a check…do laundry?

Good news!!  We Care of Grundy County and the Disability Resource Center are teaming up for a new weekly program called “Take Charge: 101!”  Classes will be held at We Care on Monday evenings at 6 pm starting November 4th.

Oh…you know someone who’d benefit from this?  Please hold off with the referrals because without any marketing they already have 10 students signed up for a classroom that only holds 15.

However, plans are in the works for: 1) an additional session on another day or evening; 2) a session for college students only over Christmas break; and 3) a spring session for high school seniors only.

BUT there are many ways for us adults to get involved:

  1. Cash donations.  Please mail your tax-deductible gift to We Care of Grundy County, ATTN: Take Charge 101, 530 W. Bedford Road, Morris, IL  60450
  2. We have a list of rewards related to the lesson themes that we want to give to the students.  Items include, but are not limited to: gas cards, tire gauges, first aid kits, and emergency car kits.  Grundy companies are invited to donate these items with your business name plus Take Charge 101 imprinted on them.  Please call Eric at We Care at 942-6389 x4 to sign up.
  3. We need guest teachers.  Each month has a different theme so we want to recruit volunteer teachers to help us out each month.  No need to teach all four weeks, but even one night would be a help – and we appreciate different viewpoints on how to get things done.  Topics where you can come help teach include: budgeting, cooking, housekeeping, laundry, changing tires, checking and changing car oil, changing windshield wipers, renter’s insurance, grocery shopping budgets, planning for retirement, banking, healthy relationships, and more!  Some topics need teachers with credentials – others can be handy people with the patience and ability to teach these skills.  Please call Eric at 942-6389 x4 or Julie at 941-0852 to discuss in detail.

We invite you to stay tuned as the program grows!  As with all new programs, we will adjust as the needs of the students become clear.  “Take Charge: 101” is one of those “it takes a village” programs – we are excited to be getting it started and we SO appreciate your help!

Thank you!

Eric Fisher, We Care of Grundy County

Jerrod Nichols, Disability Resource Center

Julie Buck, Community Foundation of Grundy County