South Grundy Resource Center

During the summer of 2019 we were approached about accepting a gift of a 1,300 square foot office building in downtown Gardner, Illinois.

Our Gift Acceptance Policy spells out how we can accept gifts of real estate, so the next step was to brainstorm about what we’d do with it if we accepted it.

One option would be to sell it, but the main reason that the donor wanted to get rid of the property was the inability of the property to sell.  No offense to downtown Gardner, but there’s not much activity.

Another option was to use the space as a landing spot for social services to go provide office hours in order to provide services closer to clients where they live or work.  This is what we chose.

The donation of the gift was completed in December 2019 and we are preparing to launch the South Grundy Resource Center in March 2020.

The space has three private offices and a front room that includes a conference table for 11 and a casual corner with a sofa.  We will provide wifi and a coffee pot, but the agencies who come use the space are responsible for all other items, such as laptop, phone, and files.  DO NOT leave anything behind.

We are installing a keypad entry system on the front door so that a) we don’t have keys floating around and b) so that the space is available 24/7.  If a support group wants to meet on a Sunday night, they are very welcome.

Details will be worked out as we move along but in the meantime, all social services and nonprofits who serve the southern end of Grundy County, including southern Will County, are welcome to complete this survey about your expected days and hours you want to be in Gardner.  No commitment yet, just a staring conversation.  After receiving this survey, your organization will receive a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will need to be signed by your organization’s executive and board president.  We want to be sure that your organization’s leadership agrees to this relationship.

There are great reasons to live in rural America, but having to drive a half hour to Morris or Joliet for services when you’re already short on time and gas money isn’t one of them.  It’s our goal to make accessing services a bit easier!

Thank you to Phyllis & Jay Fillman and Linda Erickson for this wonderful gift of real estate – we hope to grow your gift into something useful for the residents of South Grundy!


If you are a nonprofit and would like to use this space, please click here to complete a short survey.