New: Behavioral/Mental Health Speakers Bureau

If you are a behavioral/mental health professional in the Grundy County region and have one or more presentations/workshops available, please complete this form so we can share it with schools, nonprofits, social service agencies, and more.  Once we have a sizable list, we will share it with others for them to “shop.”  The Community Foundation of Grundy County has the ability to give grants to nonprofits and local units of government (schools, libraries, fire districts, etc.) to contract with you for these workshops – or they can pay you directly on their own.

Please submit one form per workshop.  If it is a series, please label them “1 of __” (example: “1 of 5,” “2 of 5,” etc.)

The goal is to call upon local talent to help others throughout Grundy County address the mental health needs of their organizations, staff, clients, students, and more.  Submitting this form does not guarantee that your workshop will be selected.  Thank you!


Mental Health Speakers Bureau

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