Grundy Community Foundation collaborates with numerous area nonprofit agencies

By Devan Gagliardo – Program Director of the Community Foundation of Grundy County

Sept. 8, 2016

If you read my article last month, you’ll remember I said, “If you’ve seen one community foundation, you’ve seen one community foundation.” This is for the simple fact that each community is unique; therefore, each community foundation adapts its programs and services to fit the needs in that community.

Although all community foundations offer the similar types of funds discussed last month, the programs each foundation offers are different and are designed specifically for that community.

The Community Foundation of Grundy County is heavily involved with other organizations and agencies in and around Grundy County. Currently, the foundation either leads or actively participates in several collaborations focusing on a variety of topics. Grundy Partnership for Children’s goal is to ensure youth from birth to age 5 in Grundy County are kindergarten-ready and parents are well-informed regarding their typical development.

The Business Education Council is a mix of businesses and educators, with the common goal to prepare students for careers and life after high school. The Behavioral Health Alliance is made of professionals who provide services to residents with mental health and substance abuse issues. This group has found a niche with providing training and information to local professionals. The Senior Network is composed of professionals who serve senior citizens, and this slightly newer group still is assessing the needs within that population.

The Grundy County Hoarding Task Force is made up of area professionals, first responders and village officials with the purpose of assisting those who struggle with hoarding. Community Organizations Active in Disasters is a partnership between the foundation, United Way of Grundy County, Grundy County Emergency Management, Grundy County Health Department and First United Methodist Church of Morris. This group focuses on making sure there is a plan in place for organizations to provide services in times of disaster.

The CFGC also co-hosts the Grundy Area Planners with the Grundy Economic Development Council. This group was created as a way to bring education and resources to county and municipality planning officials so that planning decisions are made using best practices. The Grundy Interagency Council is a network of organizations that serve Grundy County. The sole purpose this council is to keep up to date on one another’s services and programs.

In addition to the networks we are involved with, we also hold a yearly Growth Conference designed to provide county and village officials with additional education around a variety of topics. Past topics have included entrepreneurship, road networks and planning for sustainable trends in food and energy. This conference takes place each October, so stay tuned for information on this upcoming event. And when the need arises, we host public forums called Challenges of the Future, which has had titles such as “Environmental Health” and “Is Grundy County a Retirement Friendly Community.”

The CFGC maintains 941-HELP, an online database of social services agencies serving Grundy County. Those looking to be connected to a resource can call 941-HELP or visit And, finally, we have our unrestricted and youth philanthropy grant programs that have funded countless projects for nonprofits serving Grundy County over the years.

Again, this is just a snapshot of the programs we at the CFGC are involved with. Community foundations including the CFGC truly are great resources for donors, nonprofits, villages and community members alike. As I stated last month, we at the CFGC always are willing to talk about our services and programs, and how we can use leadership and philanthropy to improve life in Grundy County.

  • Devan Gagliardo is program director of the Community Foundation of Grundy County.

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