CFGC seeks remodeling bids

February 11, 2015


The Community Foundation of Grundy is seeking contractors to bid for the contract to remodel the property at 520 W. Illinois Avenue in Morris, Illinois.

Work on the property can begin the first week of March 2015 after the real estate closing.  Please include a timeline and expected completion date.

Contractor may select your own preferred sub-contractors but we do request that you use our current IT provider, Peterson Computer Consulting, for work regarding computer cabling and door security system. Please include your list of sub-contractors in your proposal.

Plans and specs are available for pickup beginning Friday, February 13th, at 102 Liberty Street, Morris.  Please phone 815-941-0852 for more information.

Bids are due to 102 Liberty Street, Morris, IL 60450, by Friday, February 27th.  An ad-hoc committee has been assigned to review bids and select a contractor as soon as possible.

CFGC has the right to select a bid that is the best fit for this project, including completion timeline, quality of workmanship, and cost.