Using Philanthropy to Pass Values to the Next Generation

Most Americans recognize the value of family giving. According to the 2000 Cone/Roper Raising Charitable Children Survey, 85 percent of the respondents said they believe children should be introduced to philanthropy—and that parents play a key role in getting kids involved. Fully 96 percent agreed that parents’ charitable giving and volunteer activities are good ways

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IRA Rollover

If you are age 70-1/2 or over, have an IRA, and are charity-minded, please read this column.   Last fall, President Bush signed the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (HR4), which includes the IRA Charitable Rollover provision.  This provision is an incentive for IRA owners to rollover contributions to charity rather than pay taxes on

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Public Transportation

I hope that you have had the chance to read the article in last Saturday’s Morris Daily Herald about the “first ever” meeting on public transportation in Grundy County.  The meeting last Friday was hosted by Richard Joyce of the Grundy County board and the Morris Community Foundation.  “Thank you” to all who attended!  

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36,000 Per Year

The Morris Community Foundation has two board members who have announced that they will be retiring from the board this summer:  Rev. Chuck Richardson and Andy Hunt.  This is sad news for us simply because they are two very hard-working individuals who have brought ideas, energy, and responsibility to the table.   However, “hard-working” may

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New Year, New Funds

December was a busy month for the Morris Community Foundation because of all of the year-end activity.  Many members of our community remember our organization in their year-end charitable giving and we’d like to publicly thank all of them for their support.   Last month was also a milestone for the Foundation for two reasons. 

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The word “leverage” is quite the buzz word in most business and not-for-profit sectors.  I looked it up and one definition of “leverage” is “the use of a small initial investment…to gain a very high return in relation to one’s investment…”   One reason “leverage” is such a buzz word in the community foundation field

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