5th Annual 8th Grade Career Fair

Today (October 23rd) is the 5th annual 8th Grade Career Fair organized by the Business Education Council. All 8th graders from across Grundy County come as a field trip and visit the 75+ career booths at the District 101 fieldhouse. Our hope is to get youth interested in a career or two so that they choose their high school classes accordingly. It’s also a way to highlight the great careers right here at home!

If you have an 8th grader in your life, please ask them about the Fair today – we hope they got excited about SOMETHING!

This event is enhanced by The Twilight Fund at the Community Foundation of Grundy County. An anonymous donor who believes in teens, education, and workforce education has dedicated this endowment to forever fund the pipe & drape and tables & chairs rental so that the layout of the event looks very professional.

It doesn’t take much to design an endowment that meets your charitable goals and impacts the lives of others. This endowment grants “only” $2,000 a year…but what a great mission that is achieved as a result!

To learn more how you can design an endowment to meet a need and impact the lives of Grundy residents…forever…give us a call or stop by!

Community Foundation of Grundy County
In the historic Coleman Hardware Building
520 W. Illinois Avenue, Morris
[email protected]